J5 Tactical Flashlight

Waterproof, Lifetime Warranty

Batteries Included


Emergency Care

Pet Alert Emergency Identification Sticker

Alert Rescue to Pets in the Home


CERT Reflective Emergency Hat


Smart Bulb LED Emergency Flasher Bulb

Light flashes, 712 Lumens, 7.8 watts

25,000 hours of light


Hydrant Marker - Red, Reflective, 6 ft.

Glows when light shines on it


Hydrant Bag - Orange


Dog Collar Flashlight

Lifetime Warranty.  Batteries Included



LED Light Dog Collar Charm


Smart Bulb Emergency Beacon Light bulb

Clear Halogen


Oxygen Unit with AED


Pet Equipment

Smart Bulb Emergency Beacon Light bulb

Red, 60 Watt, Shatterproof/Shatter Resistant


CERT Emergency T-Shirt - Green


EMT First Responder

Emergency First Aid Pack


Reflective Dog Harness


Fire Extinguisher  - ABC, All Purpose, 10 lb

Local Free Pick up


Pet Emergency Oxygen/Therapy

Multiple mask sizes


Emergency Exit Light


People Helping People

Water Jel Burn Dressing

First Aid


Power Failure Light Plug-in - white


Reflective Rescue Decal - Disabled


Key Knife, black, carry on a keyring


Pepper Spray/Flashlight Combo, pink


EMT Emergency Hat - Yellow


Underwater Kinetics 4 Flashlight

Yellow, Waterproof, LED, 4 Hours Run Life

Lifetime Warranty - $45.00

Basic First Aid Training


Disaster Emergency Tool


Single head spotlight, motion detector runs on 3 batteries. C size,


Flashlights & Lighting

Out-of-Service Fire Hydrant Marker

Engineer Grade Reflectant


CPR Training for Families



Emergency Oxygen

40 minute Life, FDA Approved

Mask, Carry Case Included


911 Reflective Address Plate - Reflective numbers on a green background sign


Pelican Keychain/Flashlight - red -

Batteries included


Medical Penknife, available in red or blue,

batteries included.


Trauma Scissors, pink or orange available

Safety covered blunt tip


Safety Equipment

Lif-O-Gen Emergency Oxygen Unit


Hydrant Equipment

AllerMates Allergy Alert Bracelet 

Available in Bee, Berries, Soy, Gluten, Tree Nut


RN Emergency Hat - Orange


CPR and AED Training


Emergency Porch Light Beacon

Flashes in 30 Second Intervals