In the era of Post 9/11, our country is â€‹more committed to uniting our communities now more than ever!

Jeri Lynn D. Worrell was a Medical Transcription Specialist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation for ten years.  She became a BLS instructor and CPR training coordinator.  With a passion to help others in any way possible, she educated hundreds of people in First Aid and other techniques in Fire Extinguisher Education.  She taught with a hands-on approach with real burning fires in training areas.  This was a concept the Cleveland Clinic trained on every year.

Jeri (on the left) also started the Emergency Beacon Light and 9-1-1 programs in multiple counties in Ohio, the first of which was in Highland County with Sheriff Officer Ron Ward. The program was an Immediate success and has helped save many lives including one choking patient during the night whose house was set way off the road.  The flashing light guided Medics to the house in time to save the patient. The light was described as allowing the medics to see the light like a pilot landing on a runway with lights.

Jeri was people helping people in action, and her whole life.  She loved every day and stressed positive thinking in every aspect of life. She sadly passed away from Cancer in 2014, but not before being lauded by her favorite fire chief, Barberton Fire Department Chief Kim Baldwin.  Jeri helped the department in every way possible, such as fighting for a Levy passage for a critical Fire Station on the North End.

Her daughter Kate, Jordan and Julia Worrell, husband Chuck, sister Suzanne, and loving pet Carmella continue to share her message and the training she lovingly provided to those in need. Fire Safety Concepts is People Helping People with the best equipment possible when needed.

people helping people

Jeri Worrell, Chirs Dutton, Joni Dutton

People Helping People